1. When should I arrive for my appointment ?

Please arrive 10 mins before your service start . You will need to complete a form and speak to your aesthetician .if you arrive late , we will make every effort to accommodate you during to remaining time of your scheduled appointment.                                                                                                    

2. Do I need to remove my make up ?

Not necessary . We’ll do that for you . You just need to relax at our spa !  

3. Do I have to change before my facial ?

Yes . You will only need to change the top , because we will massage the top during your facial .

4. How often should I have a facial ?

We recommended once a month for the best results . Because the regular facial will keep your skin clear , healthy and nourished . Having a monthly facial , performed by a professional addresses skin concerns and it promotes long-term healthy skin .

5. What products do you use in your facial ?

We use our own Canadian -made skin care products for our clients. Highly effective !                                                                          

6. Do you do facials for men ?

Yes . we will welcome everyone to sunshine spa .

7. Will my skin look red afterwards ?

After most facials , Your skin will be radiant and healthy . However , if your skin is sensitive or after extractions , your skin may appear a little red, but it can only last several hours .              

8. How do I care for my skin after my facial ?

We recommended being gentle with your skin after treatment. Do not exfoliate for at least 5 days after your facial. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and applying the proper moisturizer and sunscreen.